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Understanding heavy drinking is an important starting point for change. It's marked by compulsive alcohol use, loss of control, and a negative emotional state when not using, and it doesn't happen overnight. It is learned over time through psychological/behavioural reinforcement and chemical changes in the brain.

Here, you can tap into a vast evidence-based universe of fresh health knowledge created and curated by doctors and therapists experienced in alcohol addiction. With Alavida, you can learn about other ways to change your relationship with alcohol, where drinking less is also success.

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All ALAVIDA programs are rooted in evidence-based practices and follow the best medical guidelines, with robust monitoring and collaborative care.

Talk to your doctor and therapist in-person, over the phone or using our Secure Video Conference. Privately and confidentially get the help you need from anywhere. Track your treatment with your care team, and be proud of your results in under 6 months.

Feel better in 3 steps Learn More, Get Help and Take Action
Feel better in 3 steps Learn More, Get Help and Take Action

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Rediscover pleasure in everyday experiences, eat better, maintain a healthier lifestyle, understand what triggers you to drink, and what helps decrease cravings. With the support of your ALAVIDA care team, you can reach your goal by following health tips and action checklists to help you regain control and feel proud of yourself!

Key Differences Between Programs

Core Program  Core+ Program
Personal care team
Unlimited* private sessions with your individual doctor
Unlimited* private sessions with your individual therapist
Weekly check-ins with care team
ALAVIDA diary and platform with real-time feedback to care team
12-month program
Custom program with client-centered goals
Ongoing assessment of alcohol use severity
Free changes and cancellation**
More intensive care for trauma and PTSD
Extended coaching for loved one
Private session with your individual dietitian specialised in nutritional needs from heavy drinking
*Total Number of sessions will be defined by client and care team, based on Clinical Evaluation and client’s personal goal and needs. **Consult program changes and limitations.


Life-changing Stories From Our Clients

Learn about stories from actual clients that have been through the Alavida Program.

I used this program and it changed my life. If you want to be able to drink with your friends and be able to control overdoing it, this program works. It took away my constant urge to drink while still being able to drink socially. Other programs ask you to change your friends, hangouts and abstain.

There was no judgement at all. They were kind. It was said over and over again that this was a medical issue, not a moral issue. I had no idea that the program could be so simple. Even though it wasn’t easy. I’ve got my self-respect back, I didn’t even notice a craving. I took the pill when I first started ...and within six weeks the change has been phenomenal. I don’t have to worry about being hungover and I don’t take the pills all the time anymore.

Thank you Alavida for being an integral part of my reclamation of my life!!! I am truly amazed and dumbfounded by how the science based method has truly helped restore my brain and the thought process.... They say 'once an addict always an addict'..... I don't think I believe that anymore