Can’t we just get the prescription and do this on our own?

Alavida has a team of experts in the treatment of alcohol addiction, and which medication prescribed is tailored to each individual based on their needs and situation. It is possible to get the prescription for the medication (i.e. Naltrexone) from a family physician. However evidence shows that people have better results when medication is combined with therapy.

As professionals we also know that people benefit from having a private space to talk. Sometimes shame about alcohol use can keep someone from being honest with family or friends. There can also be feelings of mistrust or betrayal that affect the ability to support each other within a family system. It is not uncommon for one partner to choose change while the other wants to continue drinking.

There is no magic pill that can resolve behavioural patterns and human relationships. Counselling provides nonjudgmental support and skills in a safe and caring environment.