What makes Alavida different from existing Alcohol Treatment programs currently available ?

Traditional alcohol treatment programs typically require a detox period and a minimum commitment of at least 30-60 days away from home, family, and work. With Alavida, you don’t need detox—or abstinence—to control your drinking. You don’t even need to leave your house. Our treatment program is the first of its kind to combine medication and therapy with easy-to-use technology to personalize treatment and allow clients to privately access their care team from anywhere.

Technology allows people to do the therapy at home on their own time. Secure video conference therapy was selected over traditional outpatient methods because it provides convenience, privacy and access to those that can’t travel, be away from home or work, and are ready for change, without compromising outcomes. 87.5% of clients reported feeling more in control of their drinking and 82.5% significantly improved their ability to stop drinking*. Also, we find our clients prefer the discretion that in-home therapy provides. Alavida clients work with their doctor and therapist for typically six months and can access their doctors in person (depending on location ) or virtually, making access barrier free.

*Alavida Client Completion Data, from Nov’17-Apr’18