Is there group therapy ?

Traditional alcohol treatment is centered around group therapy where collective sessions occupy the majority of treatment time. It can be intimidating to sit down in front of a group on day one of treatment and this creates a barrier for many people. At Alavida we understand the value of group/peer based therapy, but we balance that value with each person’s need for privacy and autonomy. We also want to ensure that you get the 1-on-1 attention from your care team to empower you for success your way.

Group therapy is included with treatment as an additional resource, if you wish to participate, but in no way is group therapy a requirement. Each session is led by one of our licensed clinical professionals and as a participant you can choose the level of anonymity that you wish for each session. It’s your choice whether you type in questions from behind a screen name, use your real name and full voice and video, or any combination in between when you participate.