What’s included in the treatment package ?

Our treatment is based on helping the brain gradually unlearn drinking behaviours. We do this through a combination of therapy, medication and technology. We guide clients through the stages of foundation, tailoring the program to you and helping you sustain the change leading up to your 1-year completion check-point. All our programs include 1-on-1 sessions with your individual doctor and therapist, the support of a care coordinator, and access to our diary platform, to help you track alcohol use and associated triggers and share with your care team in real-time for a tailored treatment.

The medication is not provided or included in your treatment package, and with our prescription, it can be purchased at your local pharmacy. The total number of sessions with the physician and therapist varies as it is tailored to you. Depending on the program you are in, additional features may apply, such as family coaching and a private session with your individual dietitian specialized in the nutritional needs from heavy drinking.

Once your goals have been reached, we can continue supporting you based on your needs: be that to just keep tracking your behaviours, renewing prescription for your medication, continuing your relationship with your care team, or more. We are here to support you.