Alavida’s Low Income Subsidy (ALIS) eligibility

You may qualify for Alavida’s Low Income Subsidy available if your annual income and assets are below the eligibility thresholds, or if they are above the eligibility limit but you support other family members living in the same household and you are the sole provider. Eligibility limits may change from year to year. For the most up-to-date levels, click here.

Assets that count toward eligibility include:

  • Cash and bank accounts (checking, savings, and certificates of deposit)
  • Real estate other than your primary residence
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Mutual funds and IRAs

Eligibility for ALIS does not take into account resources such as your home, insurance policies or a car. You may be eligible and not know, so the best way to discover is to apply. ALIS is available starting January 02, 2019.

How to apply for Alavida’s Low Income Subsidy

To apply for the Alavida’s Low Income Subsidy, you must fill out an “Eligibility Form for Alavida’s Low Income Subsidy (ALIS)”. You can apply and submit this form by:

  • Scheduling with a Care Coordinator through this link;
  • Calling Alavida at 1-888-315-3634 and requesting an application be emailed to you. Care Coordinators are available by phone Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM (PST);
  • Applying in person at your local Alavida office.

After you submit your application, Alavida will review it and send you a notification if you are eligible, and the amount of subsidy you can receive. If you qualify for ALIS and are not yet enrolled in an Alavida Treatment, you can enroll at that time.