Does Alavida have a Financing Plan in Canada?

Yes. Alavida’s Core, Core+ and HALO Programs can be paid for in affordable monthly payments. Alavida has partnered with PayBright Financial Services, to help you start treatment now, and pay later.


  1. Pre-approval instantly, over the phone;
  2. Fixed rate of 7.95%*, for a 24-month loan;
  3. No necessary upfront payment;
  4. The application process will not affect your credit score;
  5. Easy monthly payments are billed to your bank account.

How it Works

  1. Pre-approve credit: Our care team will help you figure out how much financing you want, and if you are eligible. The response is almost instant There are no surprise rates, as Alavida and PayBright have a pre-agreed rate. To get started, click financing pre-approval.
  2. Start Treatment: After you have been pre-approved, almost every client gets final approval. A credit check will be required prior to the final approval. As you proceed with your treatment intake and lab work, you can quickly get started.
  3. Access your financing account: Once you have completed your loan, you will receive a confirmation email from PayBright with login details to access your account. Alavida will not have access to your PayBright account.
  4. Live a healthier life!
  1. Treatment amount: $6,825
  2. Loan Term: 24 months
  3. Interest rate: 7.95%
  4. Your estimated monthly payment is: $315.47.

*Interest rate available for up to 24 month loan terms. The monthly payment amount will vary based on total loan amount and loan term. A credit check will be required prior to final loan approval.

Other questions about the financing plan:

  1. Can I prepay my outstanding balance? Yes! Your financing plan is repayable in full or in part at any time, with no penalty. To make an extra payment, you can log in to your online account.
  2. Is my personal information secure? Yes, protecting your personal information is very important to us. This is why PayBright encrypts sensitive data. They also maintain physical, electronic, and other safeguards to protect your information. They do not sell your information to anyone. You can read PayBright’s detailed Privacy Statement here.
  3. How quickly do I need to use my approved credit? Your credit approval can be used for up to 365 days.
  4. Do I need to fund the entire treatment? No. You can request financing for the full treatment, or partial amount. By discussing with your care coordinator, they can help you determine the amount you want to finance, and assist you with our partner in case you would like to finance the full treatment and for some reason you have only received approval for a partial amount.
  5. Where is this financing available? Our partnership with PayBright is exclusive to Canada. For the USA, please see Help.
  6. If I qualify for a partial subsidy through ALIS, can I finance the rest of the treatment? Possibly! Our care team will help you check if you are eligible and the response is almost instant.