What is the Alavida’s Low Income Subsidy?

Individuals who have limited income may qualify for a subsidy program that helps pay for part of the Alavida Core program costs. Beneficiaries receiving Alavida’s Low Income Subsidy (ALIS) get assistance in paying for their treatment, however, medication is not covered by ALIS and coverage for medication can be requested through a government or other subsidy program. The amount of subsidy will depend on the individual’s income compared to the Federal Poverty Level and resource limitations set by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and National Statistics Canada Office.

Individuals are personally responsible for the content of their application. This includes all the information submitted to support the application. If you or someone acting on your behalf submits documents or misrepresents facts relating to the eligibility application for Alavida’s Low Income Subsidy, your application will be refused and the misrepresentation record will be kept. If the misrepresentation is discovered after a subsidy has been granted, the subsidy will be revoked and the full treatment costs will be due.

ALIS is available starting January 02, 2019.