What are the effects of the medication? ?

At Alavida we use a number of evidence-based medications. They are non-addictive and typically do not have stimulating or impairing effects. Medications target specific pathways in the brain that contribute to problem drinking, including blocking the endorphins that provide reward from drinking alcohol, and reducing cravings for alcohol. These effects help clients gradually reduce drinking over time, and enhance clients’ control over their drinking.

Known side effects: The medications we use are generally mild with few side effects for most people; however, a small minority of clients in the beginning of the program may experience nausea, headache, or fatigue. Many clients experience no side effects; those that do typically find that they last only for a short time at the beginning of treatment.

Important note: The medications we use do not reduce the effects of alcohol on driving, operating machinery, cognition, and other motor functions. It may actually increase the effects. Clients should adhere to the local laws regarding alcohol use without exception. Medication will not alter the effects of a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test.